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A little history...

The Bismarck Horse Club was established in 1947. Started by a small group of people interested in trail riding, the Bismarck Horse Club has evolved and expanded throughout the decades, growing to well over 100 members.

In addition to the tradition of trail rides, the Bismarck Horse Club offers four Playdays during the summer. These Playdays are open to everyone who owns a horse and is interested in a little friendly competition. Contestants participate in a full range of equestrian events from English to Western. Aside from the reward of fun and friends, competitors are also awarded.

Location...Walt Neuen's Memorial Horse Park , southwest side of Riverwood Golf Course at 1909 Riverwood Drive.

What else...

The Bismarck Horse Club also plays host to several other equestrian clubs and organizations.

 - Burleigh County 4-H Horsemasters
 - North Dakota Paint Horse Club
 - North Dakota Quarter Horse Association

These are just a few of the region's clubs that hold events at the Walt Neuen's Memorial Horse Park each summer. If you are interested in renting the Horse Park for a show, clinic or other purposes, please check out the Facilities portion of this Web site or contact :.

What about the Board...

Another important aspect of the Bismarck Horse Club is the Board of Directors. The Board consists of BHC members who are willing to donate their time to improve the club and keep it going.

The Board meets every month for a business meeting, which is open to the general membership. During the summer months, the Board holds their meetings at the Walt Neuen's Memorial Horse Park, weather permitting, and during the winter months they try to find a warm place indoors to hold their meetings. It is at these meetings where many ideas and plans are put together to improve the club. If you have a suggestion or comment, they invite you to stop on by.

Board members are elected on an annual or semi-annual basis at the Fall Membership Meeting, usually held early to mid-October. The Board of Directors is one of the most important aspects of the BHC and are responsible for the continuation of having Bismarck Horse Club. The Board encourages everyone to attend the Fall and Spring Meetings to voice your opinions, cast your votes, and volunteer to help out the club.

Contacting Us...

Please use the following link to contact the Bismarck Horse Club - Contact Us

                                        2014-15 Bismarck Horse Club Board Members

Office Member Contact Term
President Tara Schoenwald Vesey
President Elect Nathan McKenzie



Past President Nicole Jacobs



Treasurer Gail Lengenfelder
Secretary Jana Job (701)391-5157
Arena/Barn Directors Steve & Sharon Krentz
(701)220-0562 Steve
(701)220-7739 Sharon
Playday Chairman Anne Earsley (701)214.2195
Playday Chairman Jennifer Bonogofsky (701)400-2130 jennfrank@hotmail.com 2016-17
Member At Large Kam Strom



Member At Large Dawn Martin
Youth Director  Katelyn Eisenbeis   2016-18
Youth Director Brooke Heidrich
Youth Director Katelyn Eisenbeis   2017-18
Youth Director Kaden Strom   2017-18
Youth Director Morgan Henke   2016-18


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